News > M-Three expand the Rome Teleport capabilities.
February 15th 2020

The M3 Rome Teleport, built in 2012 to improve the network presence and as redundancy site for the running Milano facilities, has recently increased the capability following an investment program in the three areas of Playout service, signal fibre distribution and Satellite Earth Stations. While Playout service is becoming one of the key assets for the Rome Facilities with Tier-1 clients delegating the full channel management to M3, the strategic position of the Teleport, directly in a the partner GTT network main POP and with an antenna park open to positions from 76 East to 55 West, allows clients and partner to reach any possible coverage worldwide with cost-effective solutions. Fibre Network is connecting Rome and Milano teleport via the central MIX in Milano and to main exchange points worldwide from Paris to London, Madrid, partner's Teleports in Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, and many others. The teleport now is equipped with over 20 earth stations, including TX/RX redundant uplinks from 3.7mt to 6mt, in Ku, DBS and C band. Fibre network with dual path circuits. Together with direct M3 clients supported with bundle services (DTH Multiplex, distribution to DTT and cable networks, IP based solutions), M3 is hosting other key partners, service providers and satellite operators supplying ground segment and use of the M3 owned stations with flexible and turnkey solutions. To know more about available services, see the Teleport section of the website or ask to