Milano Teleport
The Milano Teleport is located at same premises of GTT network operator allowing virtually infinite bandwidth capability on land site and a full arch visibility to satellites from 75 East to 55 West. The facility capabilities allows clients and partner to reach any possible coverage worldwide with cost-effective solutions.

Teleport is in a main node of GTT network and connected with dual path to MIX in via Caldera, the main Italian exchange point, with cross connection to main operator in data and broadcast market. The position allows M3 teleport to be directly connected via MW to the north Italy TV and radio stations and via fibre to all broadcasters including nationals, regionals and PAY TV operators.

The teleport is equipped with 15 earth stations, including TX/RX redundant uplinks by 3.7 or 4.5 mt, in Ku and DBS band. From Milano M3 manages the Hot Bird DTH capacity (with redundancy from Rome Teleport) on Txp 18, 72, 121, 157, 9 in DVB-S ans DVB-S2 configuration.

Milano Teleport features:
  • Data Room with colocation capability
    • Rack space with available single units or full rack, power and management
    • Dual power source and protection with UPS and Generator
    • 24/7 management
    • Fibre capability on IP backbone, Ethernet dedicated circuits, from kbps to Gbe configuration
    • Hosting with H&E control
  • Fibre connectivity
    • Directly on main network operator main node
    • Hundreds of points of presence worldwide available from kbps to Gbe configuration
    • Already connected to main Italian and International broadcasters with permanent or on-demand traffic
    • Owned equipment collocated in exchange points in Milan, Madrid, Paris
  • Antenna Park
  • Ku Band 3.7 mt available positions:
    • Eutelsat 13° east
    • Hispasat 30°W
    • Eutelsat 70°East
    • Eutelsat 5°West
    • Steerable Ku Extended for Backup, OU, Test or new services early start
    DBS Band 3.7 mt
    • Eutelsat 13° east
    • Eutelsat 21° east
    Ku and C band receiving dishes
    • Various operational from 2.4mt to 3.7 Mt, Ku and C band
    Any other configuration required in the range 70E-55W available upon specific project