ClassHORSE.TV, the international reference channel for the world of horses, and Giglio Group (Aim Italia-Ticker GGTV), the first 4.0 e-commerce company, they have defined a strategic partnership for the international development of the television channel.

Within the framework of the agreement, by Giglio Group through underwriting an increase of capital of a 3% stake in Pegaso Srl, owner of the ClassHORSE.TV television channel.

ClassHORSE.TV programs, the first Italian channel dedicated to the world of horses and horseback riding is the international reference point in this field, thus, it will be broadcasted and visible worldwide on channels and platforms where Giglio Group is present: this means 47 nations, 5 continents and in 6 languages, it will be distributed via satellite, mobile, web TV and on major airline companies.

The acquisition has the strategic goal of increasing the number of channels in the network and enriching the IBOX platform, the 4.0 e-commerce of the Giglio Group, in being in perfect harmony with the promotion and sale of the Luxury "Made in Italy" in the world which is the channel's target.

Concerning ClassHORSE.TV, the agreement will result in exponential expansion of the international audience by strengthening the leadership of the television channel in its own reference market.